About US

According to a NASSCOM* report, the Indian IT industry is expected to grow at a rate of 12-15% this year. The industry is predicted to cross revenues of USD 100 billion during 2013-14, thus creating a demand for 28 lakh qualified IT professionals.
Quality education
E-training  gives great importance to providing high-quality education to students. By joining an IT career course with E-training , you get:

  • A wide variety of career, professional,
    short-term & certification courses
    designed for the learning & career
    needs of students, working
    professionals & others
  • Providing  assistance and guidance for all certifications.
Quality education
  • Workshops, Events & other activities to
    encourage student-industry interaction,
    prepare them for their job interviews &
    make them industry-ready
  • Providing real time issue's and help Fresher to understand real time Scenarios .
  • Job assistance till you got your job .
  • problem solving.
  • all the information related to  oracle ( what's going on in world).

Why E.Training
  •  Guidance on Oracle Certification exam preparation
  •  Get best reference books recommended by our Consultants.
  • Own curriculum and course materials, easy to understand & learn.
  • Course PPTs available online for reference.
  •  Weekend batches for working IT community.
  • Software installation services available for all courses.
  • Oracle Exam vouchers and exam scheduling assistance.
  •  Management led by a team of Experienced & Qualified IT Professionals.
  •  Our consultants could understand your requirements much better than anyone else.
  • We "Focus" on providing Best Quality trainings on Oracle & Database related technologies.
  •  No breaks in between batches, once started. Average delay in starting batches is just one week.
  •  We collect regular feedbacks from students and try to improve quality continuously.
  • Management is easily accessible any time in case of any concerns.
  • Our senior consultants could help you with your Career shift & Career oriented plans.

Our Objectives
  •  Provide affordable yet best quality trainings.
  • Provide platform to connect best trainers and students.
  •  Provide mentoring for a better career.
  • Take feedback constantly improve.
  •  Enhance customer relationships and provide an enriching experience.  

Over values 
A value is a belief, a mission, or a philosophy that is really meaningful to the company. Our Organizational Core values define the enduring character or ideology of our organization. These values are the underlying, foundational principles that guide our mission, vision and strategies, and define who we are as an organization.
Etraning has enormous power to focus efforts on collective goals, objectives, issues, problems, and results. It's the power of an organization's convergent effect -- people coming together in a planned way to accomplish something mutually beneficial for all involved. That's the theory of our organization.
We take pride in the caliber of our staff and the quality of service that we provide for our customers, and strive always to provide best-in-class service and believe that ethical business practices help us to maintain credibility and a competitive edge. As a company and as individuals, we believe that treating others as we wish to be treated helps us to maintain an environment that is friendly and productive.
Honesty and integrity are key ingredients in developing trust. Trust is a key element in establishing credibility. Our credibility is at the center of our ability to influence others and provide strong leadership. We honor our commitments. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest ethical and performance standards.
We value our culture of participation, building strong partnerships across our organization and within our community. We respect individual differences, recognizing they are part of our strength as a team. We share ideas to inspire and learn from one another.

    Over Vision  

    • As we move towards our goal of being a world-class Eduction , we will support research on a global scale. Locally, our campus will service the research needs of the learning community, granting access to many informational resources. 
    • The Etraning  will inspire its trainee  to be the best they can be.  We will engage in sustainable practices . 
    • Our vision is to bring our trainee into the 21st century through innovation and modern technology. Learning will be enhanced with computer software and educational games that will allow trainee to proceed at their own rate according to their ability.  


    We do not have golden History   we are ready to write a Golden history,  

    do you want to be a part of it.